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Orbital Defense 1.1.0 and Matchmaker 1.1.1

I've updated both Orbital Defense and Matchmaker on the Android Market.

I'll start with Matchmaker since it received only a small update, I fixed the main screen to work on smaller screens better and enabled SD card install on Android 2.2

Orbital Defense received a large update with a number of improvements and new features. To start with I fixed scaling of graphics on smaller screens, added destroyed unit graphic, and enabled install on SD card for Android 2.2. I've also updated the main screens to make the presentation better.

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Orbital Defense update on the way

Over the weekend while at home for Thanksgiving I had some ideas for Orbital Defense that I am working on implementing. I have a new satellite that will replace the Reverse satellite, some graphics changes to make it look better, I'm looking at adding sound, and plenty more changes.

I think this will be a good update that people will like so stay tuned, I hope to have it out later this week or early next week.

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Galaxy Destroyer 1.1.0

I've put up version 1.1.0 of Galaxy Destroyer and Galaxy Destroyer Lite. I've added the ability to save and reload a single game. Basically if you save a game you can reload it and play it until you finish it at which point it is removed from the save. If you want to save another game while a previous save still exists it will ask if you want to overwrite the previous save.

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Galaxy Destroyer Lite on the Android Market

I've uploaded the demo version of Galaxy Destroyer to the Android Market. It is available for free.

Here is the QR Code for the demo:

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Galaxy Destroyer 1.0.0 Released

Galaxy Destroyer is now released on the Android Market for $1.99.

There are 16 included galaxy levels as well as the randomly generated galaxy level.

Here is the QR Code that will take you directly to it

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Galaxy Destroyer Coming Soon

Galaxy Destroyer is coming along really really well. Right now I just have a few things left to finish on it, though one of those is level design which will take some time. All the gameplay and stat saving is in place though so I'm coming pretty close to being able to release it. I figure if I keep at it everyday I should be able to have it out on the Market late next week.

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Matchmaker 1.1.0 Update

The update for Tile Slider is now out, and I've renamed the game Matchmaker, it just seems like a better name. I've also updated the graphics a bit and made moving tiles around a lot smoother. I also switched the game to be ad-supported much the same way Orbital Defense is, just an ad on the main screen, nothing in the actual gameplay.

Let me know what you think, I'm always interested to hear what people think of my games.

Name change to Matchmaker
Added tile graphics
Made ad-supported
Made tile movement smoother

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Tile Slider Update Coming

Had some ideas for an update to Tile Slider so I'm working on those a bit here. The most obvious will be a graphics update, the graphics aren't all that interesting to start with but I want to make them look a bit better. There will be more info when I finalize things this week.

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Orbital Defense 1.0.5

I'd heard some complaints about Sentry satellites, people don't seem to like that you can place one down only to have a random meteor immediately come along to destroy it. Do combat that I've modified Sentry satellites to attack anything that is going to collide with it first and then focus on any other close satellites.

I've also been concerned about the difficulty so I just made one slight change on that end and increased the speed of small meteorites. That's just a start, hopefully I'll have more in that vein coming up.

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New Game and Continued Work on Orbital Defense

So I've started work on another game I've had in mind for a while, it is called Galaxy Destroyer and I will have more information on that as I get further on it. Right now I've only been coding on it for a few days so it is very early but things are coming together in a way I'm happy with.

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