Orbital Defense

Orbital Defense is a tower defense style game where you are defending a planet from incoming meteors and alien ships. You build satellites that will orbit the planet and fire on any enemies that come in range. There are a number of different units to use each with their own pros and cons.

It is currently available for free with ad support on the Android Market

Version History

Cleaned up satellite graphics

Updated AdMob library
Added Google Analytics to track anonymous usage statistics

Updated main screen look
Fixed scaling of graphics on smaller screens
Added destroyed unit graphic
Added resource gain over time
Added touched orbit display
Added snap to orbit of existing satellite
Added music and sounds
Added options page
Added new Bouncer satellite and removed Reverse satellite
Enabled install on SD card for Android 2.2

Sentry satellites will always target the nearest enemy with enemies that will collide with them taking precedence
Slight increase to small meteorite speed
Added a short description of each satellite in the game instructions

Fixed late game crash bug

Bulldozer satellites take no damage from collision but can still be shot down.
Rapid Fire satellites have there damage increased
Sentry satellites are now stationary
Meteors move towards other side of screen rather then just to planet, but will still harm planet if they intersect.

Increased size of unit selection buttons
Fixed typo in instructions
Lowered Sniper range from 250 to 200
Adjusted later game difficulty

Removed targetSdkVersion

Initial Release