Matchmaker is a game written for the Android OS.

Remove tiles from the board by sliding pairs next to each other to match them. Each pair removed from the board gives you more points while each move removes points.

On each level new tiles will be added after either 3 or 5 moves, differing depending on level. Each time you remove tiles from the board this number resets allowing you to keep tiles from being added. If so many tiles have been added to the board that no new tiles can be added your game is over.

When all tiles are removed from a board you move on to the next level, gaining additional points for completing the level.

Each level has a set number of moves you must complete it in. If you run out of moves your game is over. At the end of each level you will gain bonus points for each unused move.

Matchmaker is free on the Android Market.

Version History

Updated AdMob library
Added Google Analytics to track anonymous usage statistics to help improve the user experience

Updated main screen to work on smaller screens better
Enabled SD card install on Android 2.2+

Name change to Matchmaker
Added tile graphics
Added ad support
Made tile movement smoother

Initial Release