Speeder 1.0.1

Submitted by kyru on Tue, 05/03/2011 - 13:56

It has only been a day but I found some good things that needed to be updated after going over the game with some others.

I found out the in-game pause button was not obvious so I've labeled it, I also found out on some screens the rocks and wrenches weren't very noticeable as well so I've tweaked those graphics to hopefully show up better on the road.

I had not taken into account that continuous games could run long enough that the screen might dim, since you are not actually touching the screen it thinks you are using it and dims and eventually shuts down. I've changed it so that while you are playing the screen will stay on.

Two gameplay changes went in today as well that should make the game better. One was a bug where if you were going fast enough all cars and obstacles would disappear from the road, that will no longer happen. The other was where collecting too many tires to increase you tilt speed would make you too sensitive to tilt and cause you to slide all over the road, there is now a max tilt you can get to from tires that should stop you from getting too out of control.

These changes are out on the Android Market in both the full and lite version.