New Game and Continued Work on Orbital Defense

Submitted by kyru on Wed, 09/29/2010 - 18:21

So I've started work on another game I've had in mind for a while, it is called Galaxy Destroyer and I will have more information on that as I get further on it. Right now I've only been coding on it for a few days so it is very early but things are coming together in a way I'm happy with.

I'm also continuing to improve Orbital Defense, especially since it continues to get downloaded. Most of the comments I get like the idea but still think it needs improvement and I agree, it didn't come out quite as complete as I would have liked it to in retrospect. That's okay though, I get lots of good feedback, some of which has gone into the game already. Hopefully I will have another update for it ready in a week or so, we'll see.