Chipper is a card game played in and around West Central Wisconsin. If you are familiar with Euchre or any trick-taking card game it should be an easy game to pick up. Play against 3 computer players to hone your skills and become a better Chipper player.

Available on the Android Market for free.

version 1.4
- Added Bid Helper standalone that allows you to select 6 cards and see the bid estimates for that hand.
- Added Bid Help button during bidding in normal gameplay to give you bid estimates on your current hand.
- Updated bidding algorithm to lower No Trump estimates

version 1.3
- Added Quick Play button when player isn't in a hand to speed up play of that hand
- Slightly lowered No Trump bid chance in AI
- Stopped 2 No Trump from being a valid bid for player or AI
- Fixed display for players bid value during bidding phase
- Fixed handling of all players Passing
- Fixed a bug where bid and stay phases were registering button presses when it wasn't the players turn
- Updated Game Over screen to to display only a P on a passed hand and a C on a successful Chipper

version 1.2
- Fixed a bug where a card would be stuck on the playing field when you restart a game
- Added Scoring section to instructions
- Added entry for passed hands in final scoring, marked with a P

version 1.1
- Fixed a crash caused by clicking multiple times quickly when playing a card out of the players hand
- Added version to main menu screen

version 1.0.
-Initial Release