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New Game and Continued Work on Orbital Defense

So I've started work on another game I've had in mind for a while, it is called Galaxy Destroyer and I will have more information on that as I get further on it. Right now I've only been coding on it for a few days so it is very early but things are coming together in a way I'm happy with.

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Orbital Defense 1.0.4

Just a bug fix this time

Fixed late game crash bug

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Orbital Defense 1.0.3

Another thrilling update to Orbital Defense. Some good gameplay changes that I think makes it more interesting to play.

Bulldozer satellites take no damage from collision but can still be shot down.
Rapid Fire satellites have there damage increased
Sentry satellites are now stationary
Meteors move towards other side of screen rather then just to planet, but will still harm planet if they intersect.

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Orbital Defense 1.0.2

Another update for Orbital Defense, this time fixing some cosmetic issues and working on game balance

Increased size of unit selection buttons
Fixed typo in instructions
Lowered Sniper range from 250 to 200
Adjusted later game difficulty

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Orbital Defense 1.0.1

Had to put out a quick update, it looks like setting the target SDK version when I was getting the program ready for production caused some issues with the layout of the game interface. That is fixed and the update is on the market. Oops.

Removed targetSdkVersion

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Orbital Defense 1.0.0 Release

Well I'm finished with it and have Orbital Defense up on the Android Market.

It is released free with ad support, I felt more comfortable doing that then outright charging for it.

Here is the barcode link to it on the market:

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New Game: Orbital Defense

I'm currently working hard on a new game, Orbital Defense. It is a tower defense style game where you are defending a planet from incoming meteors and alien ships. You build satellites that will orbit the planet and fire on any enemies that come in range. There are a number of different units to use each with their own pros and cons.

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Tile Slider 1.0.0 Release

Tile Slider is released on the Android Market now.

Here is the link and barcode link to it on the Market:

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kyrutech Twitter Feed

I've added the Twitter account for kyrutech into the site so you can follow updates through there. I've also added a display of the Twitter account on the right of the site.

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Tile Slider Update

Tile Slider is nearly ready to go, I hope to have it released by the beginning of next week. I have several people testing it and should get feedback over the weekend. If all goes well I'll get it published by Monday.

I'm very happy with the way it came out, movement and gameplay is pretty smooth, high score tracking works well, all the things you'd expect out of an Android app seem to be working well. For my first Android project it came out well. I'm already writing up design documents for my next project, hopefully it comes out as well as this one.

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