Orbital Defense 1.1.0 and Matchmaker 1.1.1

Submitted by kyru on Mon, 12/06/2010 - 11:05

I've updated both Orbital Defense and Matchmaker on the Android Market.

I'll start with Matchmaker since it received only a small update, I fixed the main screen to work on smaller screens better and enabled SD card install on Android 2.2

Orbital Defense received a large update with a number of improvements and new features. To start with I fixed scaling of graphics on smaller screens, added destroyed unit graphic, and enabled install on SD card for Android 2.2. I've also updated the main screens to make the presentation better.

A big change I made was to add resource gain over time, I found too often you could end up out of resources just watching your planet get attacked, so I added a gain of 1 resource approximately ever 5 seconds to help this.

The next two changes go together, I added a touched orbit display so a ring display on screen where you are touching to show the orbit you are laying down, and I added the ability to snap-to-orbit of existing satellites. Basically what this means is that if you are placing an orbit close to another satellites orbit it can go on that orbit instead of exactly where you are touching. I've added an options page that allows you to turn this on or off.

A much requested feature I've added are some sounds and music. You can turn these on or off in the options page as well.

Lastly I added a new satellite. The Bouncer satellite will deflect any incoming meteors that hit it. It takes no damage from collisions but can still be shot down. It also does not shot itself. I've removed the Reverse satellite to put the Bouncer in, the Reverse wasn't really that interested a unit to use I thought, hopefully this one is better.

I'm hoping all these changes makes Orbital Defense a much more fun and interesting game to play.